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Top 5 Alien Forms from Ben 10

One of the main selling points of the Ben 10 franchise is Ben Tennyson’s various alien transformations. However, despite retaining the 10 suffix in the series’ title, Ben already has more than 10 alien forms in his arsenal. Here are 5 forms that we consider as the best:

#5 WayBig


Fans of the Kyodai Hero genre will recognize WayBig as a nod to Ultraman. A gigantic humanoid form with a large fin on his head and the ability to shoot cosmic rays (using movements similar to Ultraman’s “spectrum ray” technique.) WayBig is naturally very strong due to his size, but he is also shown to have strength that is above average for a giant creature, as shown when he managed to defeat and throw a giant Vilgax into orbit. WayBig’s ability to survive in the vacuum of outer space make him one of the more useful forms in terms of survival.

However, there are two main problems that limit WayBig’s effectiveness in combat: first is that his fin is a weak spot (a direct hit will paralyze him), and second is that his large size makes him an easy target due to the larger mass and the lack of mobility, especially in tight areas.

WayBig has an ultimate form that is way bigger (probably similar to Ultraman in size) and capable of flight.

#4 HeatBlast


We chose HeatBlast over SwampFire simply because of his recall value. The fire-based (magma, actually) form has been around since the original series and is probably one of the most used forms in videogames (alongside Four Arms.) That doesn’t mean HeatBlast doesn’t have any useful abilities, though. There is a reason why Ben has used it a lot.

With the ability to generate and manipulate heat from his body, Heat Blast is a great offensive form. He can work in both melee and long-range fights. He also has a decent defense as he is resistant to both extreme heat and cold. The form is also very mobile due to its ability to form a “Fire board,” which can be flown at high speeds by using fire as propulsion.

Heatblast’s main weakness is that being exposed to enough water or substances capable of putting out fires will extinguish the fire in his body, rendering him unable to use his powers until he gets his temperature up again. He’s also not effective against enemies that are impervious to fire, due to the lack of strength compared to Ben’s more physical-oriented forms. The Heatblast form is also useless against Crabdozers, which are the natural predators of the aliens that the form was based on, the Pyronites.

#3 Diamondhead


Diamondhead is another one of Ben’s older transformations. The form is composed of extremely dense organic green crystals that Ben can manipulate at the atomic level. This allows for a multitude of uses both defensive and offensive: he can transform his limbs into a wide variety of rudimentary shapes – such as blades and bludgeoning tools. He also has the ability to shoot crystal shards out of his hands and out of any part of his body (for a multidirectional attack.) Diamondhead also has superhuman strength, though certainly not on the level of WayBig or Ben’s other strength-oriented transformations.

In terms of defense, the natural density of his crystal body makes Diamondhead resistant to physical attacks, whether it’s blunt, piercing, or sharp. He is also resistant to lasers because the crystal works as a prism, either refracting or redirecting light. He also has limited regenerative abilities, allowing him to regenerate lost limbs.

The main weakness of Diamondhead is sonic-based attacks, as strong sonic vibrations can make him unconscious, with really strong ones capable of shattering his form.

#2 Alien X

Alien X

Ben himself admits that Alien X is his most powerful form – for one simple reason: it’s omnipotent. When the Anihilaarg destroyed the universe in Omniverse, Ben used Alien X to create a near exact copy of the universe. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Of course, even though the Alien X form is omnipotent, it has a couple of weaknesses that prevent us from putting it at the top spot. First is the fact that the Alien X form has three separate personalities – Bellicus, which is the voice of rage and aggression, Serena, the voice of love and compassion, and Ben himself serving as the voice of reason; any movement no matter how small requires 2 of the three personalities to agree.

The kind of problem this could lead to has been explained by Paradox in the episode Ben 10,000 Returns, where it was revealed that an alternate timeline version of Albedo managed to transform into Negative Alien X, but was stuck motionless for a year because his 3 personalities failed to agree on a single decision. This also opens him up to another weakness: Alien X’s powers can be absorbed. It is a likely scenario that an enemy with the ability to absorb energy, such as Darkstar or an Osmosian, will absorb Alien X’s powers while the three personalities are still trying to deliberate on a course of action.

#1 Ultimate Ben 10,000

ben 10000

This is not exactly an alien transformation, but an adult version of Ben from a possible (or alternate) future. The 10,000 in his name indicates that he now has access to 10,000 alien forms, although it’s possible that he has access to more because Ben himself admitted that he stopped counting after 10,000. Ben 10,000 has managed to master all of the transformations, which means he can transform into any one of them without timing out, but the true strength of this iteration comes with the Ultimate Ben form, which allows Ben to use the powers of any of his alien forms without transforming. Additionally, he has also admitted to learning a few spells from Gwen, which at the very least includes the ability to use Contego. When in his Ultimate Ben form, Ben 10,000 doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses (or at least, the weaknesses of any alien form is negated by powers that he can access from another.)

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By Neil Raymundo

A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Secretly wants to replace Toonbarn Rob as leader of the Decepticons.

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