There will be Three New BeyBlade series in the next two seasons

C21 Media reports that there will be at least three new series of the franchise coming this fall and all the way to next year:

A new set of characters will set the scene for the new Beyblade series, taking place seven years after the events depicted in the previous Metal Saga installment.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel (26×30′) will launch this fall, while BeyRaiderz Shogun (13×30′) (working title) will launch in spring 2014 and BeyWarriors Cyborg (wt, 26×30′) will follow in fall 2014 – featuring two one-hour specials.

“The series’ fresh new storylines will reignite interest from current Beyblade fans as well as invite new fans of the franchise.”

No word yet on when the new episodes will air on Cartoon Network at this time.


3 replies on “There will be Three New BeyBlade series in the next two seasons”

Wont we get another Tyson series
more fans are waiting for the old and massive tyson series

pokemon did a good job by satisying all fans with continuing with X and Y series

we want the the same series 52 episodes 20mins each where there is tyson and gang the game has to be more purposeful than metal series to all kids

In metal fury ryuga was disappeared and his arrival is along with the arrival of tyson and kai from past like this make story so that more fans get excited to watch

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