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4Kids comments on Chaotic going chaotic

4Kids comments on Chaotic going chaotic

Amidst rumors of 4Kids being bought by another company, the licensing company recently spoke out about recent transactions related to Chaotic. The famed cartoon and trading card game animated property has built up a great following since launching a few years back. There’ve been multiple animation styles, a run on TheCW4Kids and Cartoon Network, video games, even a softdrink. But now, is the Chaotic train slowing down? According to reports, 4Kids indicates a poor first quarter was impacted by “diminished popularity of the Chaotic property.” Think that’s the case? Were you a fan, and are you still? Read on for more details, and let us know what you think.

In the trading card and games segment, there was substantially no revenue in the first quarter of 2010 as compared to $0.4 million in ’09, a decrease of approximately $0.4 million. This was primarily attributable to decreased retail sales which were negatively impacted by diminished popularity of the Chaotic property accompanied by the continued global economic downturn.

Cost of sales of trading cards represents finished goods inventory relating to the Chaotic trading card game. Cost of sales decreased $0.1 million to approximately $0.4 million for the three months ended March 31, 2010 when compared to the same period in ’09.

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um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

By ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

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I don’t think it is the Chaotic brand’s fault, it’s what was being done to it by 4Kids. Chaotic is a young game that’s been around since only late 2007 and yet 4Kids thinks the brand has been established to the point where they can just release all kinds of useless merchandise such as Chaotic flashlights, drinks, boardgames, rather than just allow the brand to grow as a show and a card game. Obviously Chaotic’s strongest selling point is the cards so why go elsewhere? Save your resources for the cards rather than wasting it on merchandise that no one wants.

Besides, a slowdown of interest was bound to happen due to the fact that 4Kids is making TCD withold the launch of their highly anticipated new set that was to come out in December of last year. I guarantee if they were to allow the launch of the set, interest would rapidly pick up and Chaotic would be back on it’s feet bringing in profit, so long as 4Kids makes sure to let Chaotic focus on what it is good at selling, the cards.

Once the brand is properly established after a few more years, then release some other merchandise than the cards, but merchandise that people would want. Some examples could be well made games (that aren’t made in a hurry) and toys.

Good points, Nate – great comment, overall.

So what are your thoughts on the TV show? Do you think the card game needs the toon to survive? Or to thrive? Or what about vice versa — can the cartoon exist without the TCG?

I think the TV show is pretty good and pretty important to the card game, but do the cards need it to survive? I don’t think so. When I’m on the Chaotic forums, it actually looks like most of the community members stopped watching the show after the first season (when they changed the animation style). I personally thought the first season had a unique charm that made it good, whereas I also thought that the next 2 seasons were well made but possibly lacked that charm. Although I don’t think that the cards need the show, they may be able to thrive off of it if it were to become more popular as it would likely bring in new players who previously haven’t paid the game much attention.

However, the show on the other hand needs the card game. Like a lot of shows, it is essentially advertisement for a product, so if the cards were to no longer be in production, the show would have no reason to exist.

I’d love to write about some Chaotic stuff for this site, but I’m really tight on time due to lots of work. Once I get some time off I may contact you about it but for now I unfortunately can’t. Thanks for the offer though.

My 10 year old son discovered the Chaotic cartoon this year, it only came on @ like 3 am, so we had to record it. He now collects the trading cards & loves it. He is getting his friends at school into it as well. He is VERY distraught over the fact that they have now removed it from our viewing all together. Does anyone know if it will come back on in the near future? Thanks:)

I really want them to make another season or two of Chaotic. I’m hoping that Cartoon Network will pick it up or at least start showing it again. We should try emailing 4kids and Cartoon Network asking about Chaotic. If they see that alot of people want to keep watching Chaotic they may continue showing it.

i hope people from 4kids or whatever company read this stuff cause there are some really good points in there…i really liked the tv show and the show was actually what caused me to collect the cards…i was upset and angry that they stopped the season so abruptly and stopped making cards…everyone from where i am from was into it and bought the cards…and later i think they should make new merchandise but after a few more series of cards…i personally loved the card game and thought it was better than pokemon and whatever and i want it to be continued…

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I love watching chaotic in my phone I have seen all the episodes from all 3 series I even buy chaotic cards till this day! If 4kids company is reading this just know that a lot of people on YouTube really want another series! Please make another

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