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Adventure Time: Dream of Love Review

Adventure Time: Dream of Love

“Dream of Love” is the fourth episode in season four of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake, as usual, are out having fun. As they roll down a hill, they are laughing as they reach the bottom. Finn tells Jake about all the things they are gonna do, including getting an apple pie from Tree Trunks, and listening to Princess Bubblegum’s Concert. As they run to Tree Trunk’s house to eat apple pie, the pig that was last seen in season 3 unexpectedly pops up and explains how he never left after the events in the episode, “Apple Thief”. The Pig admits his love for Tree Trunks to Finn and Jake, but then quickly gets embarrassed about it. Finn convinces the pig to confess his feelings. The pig gives a dramatic love speech when Tree Trunks comes out. Tree Trunks responds by claiming she feels the same way. Then they hug each other.

Pig and Tree Trunks kiss
Pig and Tree Trunks kiss

We arrive at Princess Bubblegum’s Concert, where she is playing her electric piano. Jake is pacing up and down the stairs of the spectator’s stands, waiting for his apple pie that Tree Trunks promised him, but when she finally comes, she did not have the pie on her. Jake became extremely upset at this, but Tree Trunks claims it was because she was too distracted by her new boyfriend, the pig. Tree Trunks then starts to kiss the pig and all the spectators are disgusted by this. Princess Bubblegum says she can’t play with them being “gross”, so Finn splits them apart. But, they slowly move closer to each other as the music continues and start kissing again. This makes Princess Bubblegum and most of the spectators mad, until Princess Bubblegum tells Cinnamon Bun to stop them from kissing. However, he just stops the concert and tells everyone to leave. Finn makes the two lovers promise to keep their love hidden and they agree.

Finn wants Pig and tree Trunks to hide their love
Finn wants Pig and tree Trunks to hide their love

There is a montage of them failing to keep their love hidden. They don’t do well at trying to hide their love. They attempt to hide in places such as under Finn and Jake’s Tree house, inside a baby crib, inside a book at the library, and inside Finn’s sandwich. After finding the 2 lovers in his sandwich, Finn continues to explain why they can’t be together and should try harder to be secretive. Then, the scene cuts to a drive-in movie.

Jake wants Pig and Tree Trunks to leave
Jake wants Pig and Tree Trunks to leave

The movie was going smoothly until Tree Trunks and the pig cast a huge shadow of them french kissing each other, and Finn decides it has got to stop right then and there. He splits them apart and suggests multiple things to them, but they keep coming up with excuses to his suggestions, such as “They don’t want to hide their affection” and “They don’t want to rush their marriage”. When Finn and Jake drag them, the spectators shout joyfully.

Princess Bubblegum finds the constant kissing to be gross
Princess Bubblegum finds the constant kissing to be gross

The pig and Jake end up in the old tavern in the candy kingdom. Pig explains to Jake that he doesn’t know what to do with his life without Tree Trunks, and that he is homeless. While Finn and Tree trunks are at Tree Trunk’s house and she complains about how she really misses Pig, while she bakes a pie. Tree Trunks and Pig then sing the song, “Dream of Love”, about their love for each other. After the song, Finn tells Tree Trunks to find Pig and Jake tells Pig to go find Tree Trunks, because they love each other. They run into each other not far from the candy kingdom tavern and kiss dramatically and are finally happy together. The show ends with Finn giving Jake the apple pie Tree Trunks made while singing Dream of Love, and Jake saying “Apple pie, I’ve been waiting to kiss you all day.” Jake then sticks his face in the pie and gets his face covered with it.

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