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Adventure Time Nominated for a Peabody Award: And some reasons on why-

Disney Junior’s preschooler series, “Doc McStuffins,” was cited for its disarming, inspiring storytelling about a female, African-American doctor’s daughter who “treats” other kids’ broken toys, while Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time” was praised for its uniquely imagined, truly odd fantasy world and for stories about exploration and adventure to help kids work through their anxieties about growing up and maturing. (UGA Press Release)

To some, Adventure Time may seem like a kooky standout in the austere company of news and documentary programs, but the Peabody Awards—which has honored distinguished public service across radio, television, and online since 1940, and also awarded Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffinsseries for its inspiring storytelling last week—has a long history of appreciating and championing animation, as far back as Walt Disney’sDisneyland (1955) and Wonderful World of Color (1962).

Since then, the Peabody Board—composed of media industry professionals, media scholars, critics, and journalists, and renowned for its rigorous judging process—has continued to recognize the unique and profound powers of animation that other awards events, and even the culture at large, routinely and egregiously overlook. (Amid Amidi)

The episode in question was Masaaki Yuasa’s penned and directed episode. And it is a dramatic departure. He truly did deserve it.


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