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Ben 10 Evolution

Ben 10 Evolution

Let’s just sum it up quickly: Ben 10 Week was awesome. All of the bonus specials, all of the episodes, the CG animated Destroy All Aliens, the sneak peek of Omniverse, etc. etc. Really, the only bad thing about the entire promotion was that… it ended! If only Cartoon Network could just let it live on forever! Or, ok, if we’re getting creative with our wishes here, how about just start beaming new episodes directly into our eye lids!! …No? Too Much? OK, fine. Still, with the two new pieces in place from this week, we have a new appreciation for the Ben 10 franchise through the years that we didn’t have prior to Ben 10 Week. Let’s take a look!

Ben 10 through the years
Ben 10 through the years
Ben through the years! Left to right, From Ben 10 in 2006, Ben 10: Race Against Time in 2007, Ben 10: Alien Force in 2008, Ben 10: Alien Swarm in 2009, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in 2010, and Ben 10: Omniverse coming later in 2012.

In 2006, there was Ben 10, the show that started it all. Through the Man of Action series, we got a first hand look at Grandpa Max, Gwen, the Omnitrix, and all new alien forms and shapes. Most importantly, we got to see Ben Tennyson in his original, 10-year-old kid form. Shortly after, we got the first live action look at the cast and crew in 2007’s Race Against time. The expanding following lead to the animated Ben’s first big evolution, to his 16 year old self in Alien Force.

That’s essentially the age he remained over the next few years, through Alien Swarm, Ultimate Alien, and in Omniverse – at least with his older, “present day” self. But as we’ve seen with the crazy popularity in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, which brought Ben to the world of CG animation, there’s also so many stories left to tell about the Ben we originally grew so fond of; the 10 year old, brash and adventurous version, who partnered with Grandpa Max and Gwen all those years ago.

Really, that’s the main reason we’re so excited about Omniverse – that cool dual aspect of seeing the present day adventures along side the original ones from the past. On its own, Omniverse helps tie together all of the shows through out the entire span of the franchise. Not bad for a single toon, huh?

So, what’s your favorite Ben from all these options? Who was the bravest? The funniest? Who had the best alien forms? The best theme songs? The best villain sets?

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. red robin red robin

    Ominiverse really will kill the franchise

  2. Jerry Jerry

    If the first series of Ben 10 looked like Omniverse I’d have changed the channel.

  3. Dace Falar Dace Falar

    Why change what isn’t broken?

  4. adesanya tobi james adesanya tobi james

    Good looking. Tough ben

  5. Men 10 Men 10

    Don’t talk so bad about omniverse, you just hate it because they changed the art scheme, get over it and watch it for the action, humor, and creative aliens we watch it for. Get over your hate for the art before they cancel Ben 10 forever!

  6. Liz Liz

    we should boycott untill they change it back


    we should stop watching the show until the directors realiase that that the new art style is too cartoony, his mental and physical appearence is even more childish. I thought ben was going to get older. we don’t want to see him 10 years old again.

  8. Alexander Alexander

    No offence to the producers who created the series of ben 10 but man what was the artist thinking … rushing the art design of ben went from great to old school, i mean come on the eyes were great in all seasons now you decided to just fill in the eyes green?? I agree with other comments no I would not like the show to end but come on man really… just fix it its not as hard as it looks…the details are not as great as it use to be he has square hands no details with the ears cloths looks like he went dumpster diving and how could someone always running around be skinnier then when he was a teenager??? really needs some work but keep it up it may be part of the episodes story…lol

  9. Nurul Nurul

    oh man.. its like how they changed American Dragon..

  10. Faryab Shah Faryab Shah

    Ben 10 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien was the best one . dont like the new one :/

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