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Boomerang presents The Flintstones Bedrock ‘N’ Roll

Boomerang presents The Flintstones Bedrock 'N' Roll

The Flintstones had an incredibly long reign on the air. In fact, other than the Simpsons, the Flintstones is the longest running cartoon of all time. During their span, the series included a number of musical moments, take-offs, and guest stars, helping to cement its place in the … bedrock… of animation history. Boomerang, being the Cartoon Network affiliated channel that brings us the Flintstones on a regular basis, has grouped some of the best musical moments together to create Bedrock ‘N’ Roll; a marathon spanning hours. Originally airing last October, the network has re-run the 7+ hour series a number of times — anyone catch it?

Highlights in the “Bedrock ‘N’ Roll” Marathon include:

“The Hit Song Writers” – When Fred discovers that Barney is a compulsive poet, he seeks songwriting assistance from famed composer Hoagy Carmichael.

“Ann Margrock Presents” – While working on the new Bedrock Bowl, Fred and Barney prepare an act for the dedication ceremony starring Ann-Margrock.

“Surfin’ Fred” – Fred’s quiet seaside weekend is interrupted by a national surfing contest. Fred gets caught up in the activities and must be saved by surf idol Jimmy Darrock.

“Shinrock-A-Go-Go” – Fred and Barney check out the new TV show, “Shinrock,” hosted by Jimmy O’Neilstone. When Fred drops a bowling ball on his foot, Jimmy takes it as a new dance and names it “The Frantic.”

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