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Cartoon Network Gets Grojband

FremantleMedia Enterprises has recently announced a new distribution deal with Cartoon Network, in which the network will get US broadcast rights to Fremantle’s new animated comedy series, Grojband.

Cartoon Network Gets Grojband

Grojband is a 2D animated cartoon that follows the daily lives of Corey and his three best friends, Laney and twin brothers Kin and Kon, as they toil away at band practice in order to get good enough for a career in music and a stab at international rockstardom.

However, the band is currently hindered by their lack of lyrical creativity. They hit the jackpot when Corey discovers the diary of his drama-queen older sister Trina, which proved to be a treasure trove of inspirational lyrics for the band. Things get interesting when Corey and his band try their best to ensure that Trina’s diary is regularly updated with material, and so they plot to turn Corey’s sister’s life into an emotional roller coaster.

“With its mix of unique visual styling, memorable characters, catchy music and hilarious gags, we think Grojband will be an outstanding contribution to Cartoon Network’s line-up,” says Bob Higgins, EVP of FME Kids & Family Entertainment.

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