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Cartoon Network hot dogs Pinky Malinky

Cartoon Network hot dogs Pinky Malinky

If it’s not an animated movie, or an animated series, it must be smaller, right? Shorter, anyway? Well, that’s what Cartoon Network Development Studio has been working on, with a brand new animated short called Pinky Malinky. It’s your typical story; coming of age, first day of high school, waking up one morning as a walking, talking, 3-foot tall hot dog. …um… Yeah, OK, that’s pretty nutty. And, personally, I think something like that needs a longer amount of time to tell the full story! And THAT is the whole point. The 2009 animated short is now aiming to become a full TV series. Think it’s got the meat?


[Source: Chris Garbutt’s blog, Visual Phooey]

Hot Dog its Pinky Malinky

Created and Directed by Chris Garbutt
Written by Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjorn
Storyboards – Chris Garbutt
Lead Animator – Rikke Asbjorn
Animation – Rich Wake
Art Director – Chris Garbutt
Compositing – Stephane Coedel
Editing – Lee Gingold
Voice Talent – Ben Small and Rasmus Hardiker
Music – Dave Newby
SFX and Final Mix – Hackenbacher
Big Thanks to – Steve Small, Charlie Bean, Matt Black, Alan Kerswell, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Celine Desrumaux and Tim Bjorklund
Production – Angelica Jung-Woo, Joy Whilby and Jen Coatsworth
Exec Producers – Suzanne Berman and Daniel Lennard

Pinky Malinky

Sad Sausage

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