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Cartoon Network says farewell to Chowder in Chowder Grows Up

Cartoon Network says farewell to Chowder in Chowder Grows Up

For nearly three years and 49 episodes, Chowder has made an impact on the animated world. During its run, the Cartoon Network series, created by C. H. Greenblatt, has made everyone in, and out, of Marzipan City proud. Unfortunately, like Batman the Brave and the Bold, the Chowder series recently announced an ending, pegging last week as it’s last episode. Though the finale will air again and again, the 30 minute “Chowder Grows Up” left fans laughing at the good times, but fondly (and perhaps tearfully) saying good bye. 20 years in the future, Chowder is still reluctant to grow up & leave his immature ways behind. He takes the responsibility of training his own apprentice and being a master chef cause everyone he loves will be unable to move on with their lives if he does not. Chowder selects a turtle apprentice, And in the end, and has 50 babies with Panini. Check out a clip of the finale, and let us know your favorite Chowder moments!


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  1. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    you know what i noticed? ever since cartoon network got a new shows in like 2005 and got a new boss in 2007. cartoons are way way shorter now. They dont last as long as our cartoons did like dexters laboratory that lasted a long time, the powerpuff girls, scooby-doo, all those shows didnt have a crappy “2-year” contract they lasted over 3 years, and chowder is a pretty good cartoon to even end early like that, im sorry but cartoonists these days are either lazy or they are not fighting hard enough. you dont go to school for 15 years (kindergarden-12th grade) then go to college for 2-4 years and finally get a job as a cartoonist to only last 2 years….really?

  2. Andy0002 Andy0002

    its about time this show ended.

  3. Daniel Daniel

    Chowder is one of the most creative and funny cartoons this era has to offer.

  4. hello, whats up i have watched chowder grows up and i was freakin sad, because they should have not ended this series ,but i understand.this cartoon show has had some good times,oh when i watched the end of it i was like holy shit holy shit because of all of those babies damn how could some women have 30 babies one day and 20 the next day

  5. if ya think s
    hould have not ended give me a hell yeah. HELL YEAH!

  6. Alexander Alexander

    They should have made more episodes like when chowder took the company but other than that, goodbye chowder :c (starts bawling)

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