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Cartoon Network’s CG Ben 10 movie Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens

Cartoon Network's CG Ben 10 movie Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens

As the days go by, we’re learning more and more about Cartoon Network’s upcoming movie, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. The new made-for-TV special revisits the Ben 10 universe in a never before seen way: complete in computer animated glory! Taking place before Ultimate Alien and Alien Force, Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens takes us back to the original Ben 10 era, where Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max solve case after case, with a little help from the Omnitrix and Ben’s alien forms – even utilizing the original Ben 10 voice cast! Check out some brand new screen shots of the project in motion, as well as the full press release.

The Omnitrix is back in Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens
The Omnitrix is back in Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens

HONG KONG (25 July 2011) – Cartoon Network announced today that its alien-morphing boy hero, Ben 10, is set to star in his first CGI animated television movie: Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. Slated for premiere in 2012 on Cartoon Network globally, the movie is being directed by Victor Cook (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated,) and executive produced by Silas Hickey, Creative Director for Animation, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc.

Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens turns the clock back to 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, struggling with teachers, detention, school bullies and the dreadful fate of missing out on his weekend fishing trip with Grandpa Max, when grounded by his parents. Desperate times call for desperate measures as Ben jumps at the chance to escape from it all at the Total Alien Immersion training program on the far side of the galaxy. Little does Ben realize the irreversible consequences of the program which sends him crashing back to earth stuck in his alien forms battling an all-new evil alien, Mechamorph Warrior.

“Ben 10’s enduring popularity with kids is undeniable and this movie brings the hugely successful franchise to an exciting new level. Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens is set to be 2012’s television movie event of the year as Ben 10’s legions of fans around the world unite to watch him, cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max save the world from evil with awesome, never-before-seen CGI effects,” said Hickey.

Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens is written by Marty Isenberg and features the original voice actors from the Ben 10 animated series.

Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens title card
Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens title card

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