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The General hits Umbara on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The General hits Umbara on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

If you thought last week’s assault on the shadowy planet of Umbara was intense, just wait til you see General Krell! On November 4th, Cartoon Network and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will team to premiere the second part of the four-part story arc, The General. As General Krell orders Captain Rex and the clone troopers to conquer the Umbaran airbase, we get to see how dedicated, and perhaps crazed, the General truly is. Can the clones adapt to the new, technologically advanced threats? TOON in to Cartoon Network on Friday, and see for yourself!


Umbara might not have seemed like a big challenge, but very quickly, Republic forces are learning it’s just the opposite. The deep, dark shadows of this high advanced world act as a mighty shield, protecting a seemingly endless army of advanced bits of technology as the sword. Umbara is a mighty foe, and it’s too late to turn back now.

It becomes clear to Obi-Wan that the entire invasion depends on Jedi Pong Krell’s batallion. There are many fronts, and thousands of warriors, but its Krell and his team that will make the difference. That’s a great deal of pressure for a …weird… fish… human thing. Heck, it’d be a great deal of pressure for any of us! And we don’t have cool holographic communicators or lightsabers or anything like that. So Krell, like Obi-Wan, we’re turning to you!

Krell takes charge
Krell takes charge

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