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Get a Glimpse of Cartoon Network’s Comic-Con Booth

If you’re not going to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con by choice, Cartoon Network has just released a few images designed to tease you into actually attending, as it features a glimpse at the uniquely experiential and creative booth that the company’s in-house creatives produced, which will be available to fans from July 24 through 27.

Cartoon Network’s main booth is shaped like a giant cube, with each of its four main sides designed to showcase one of the network’s highest rating shows: two of the sides are dedicated to Adventure Time and Regular Show, while the two remaining ones feature newcomers Uncle Grandpa and Clarence. Inside the booth, visitors will be allowed to take photos in 3 different scenarios: the teenage bedroom of Uncle Grandpa’s “Giant Realistic Flying Tiger”; with Clarence in his magical real world; or in a treasure filled cave with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, all while fans listen to ambient inspired tunes from each of the scenes.

CN will also be bringing back last year’s Adventure Time Conquest scavenger hunt, which uses the comic visitor’s mobile phone to lead participants to a wide variety of CN partner booths in search of clues. Participants will be rewarded with a limited edition Adventure Time medal.

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