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Here Comes the Trubbish Squad on Pokemon Black and White

Here Comes the Trubbish Squad on Pokemon Black and White

How come every single week, there’s always some maaaajor issue in Pokeworld? I mean, can’t these guys catch a break? Can’t Ash and Pikachu just play video games for a half hour or something? It’s not like they haven’t starred in enough, or anything! Anyway, since that’s never going to happen, it turns out this Saturday, April 23rd, is a whole new mess for the folks on Pokemon Black and White. In the episode Here Comes the Trubbish Squad, a Trubbish Pocket Monster is adopted by a young kindergarten class, but the teacher isn’t too pleased. In walks Ash and friends, who somehow get involved, and now trying to decide what’s best for the Pokemon. What happens next? Tune in to Cartoon Network Saturday morning at 9am for the latest Pokémon: Black & White and find out!

Trubbish Squad

Trubbish Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Black and White

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