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Immortals Director wants to make a Samurai Jack movie

Immortals Director wants to make a Samurai Jack movie

Immortals Director wants to make a Samurai Jack movie

It seems that Tarsem Singh (director of this week’s big screen myth epic Immortals) wants nothing more than to adapt one of Genndy Tartakovsky’s popular cartoons – Samurai Jack – for the big screen. Singh revealed his desire to create a film around the time-traveling swordsman in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. While having very little interest in the type of comic book and cartoon movie adaptations that are so popular these days, Singh admits to being a very big fan of Samurai Jack, particularly its epic style, dynamic pacing, and simplistic yet stylish art direction.

“It’s brilliant. The speed, it embraces where it comes from. I find that comic strip films are halfway grounded. They don’t play my chord. But I love Samurai Jack. I love the animation,” Singh tells The Hollywood Reporter.

There were actually plans of a Samurai Jack live action movie back in 2000, with New Line Cinema being associated with the project, and Brett Ratner pegged as the director and producer, but the project got stuck in limbo, and the rights have since reverted back to Cartoon Network.

“Have them contact me,” Singh tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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