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Jerry Jones and Adventure Time: The reasons why fans feel off about Cartoons the last several years…

What does Jerry Jones, the owner of The Dallas Cowboys, one of the biggest franchises in the world, have to do with Cartoons?

Well, if you have a coach like Jason Garret, who had many mediocre seasons, and bad luck in between those seasons – the closest being divisional round, the connection is apt.

Here is the main meat of the argument: The western animated industry is more like the Dallas Cowboys in the Jason Garret era in the past 25 years than the Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switser(sp) era.

In many, many ways the Cowboys and the Animation world in the US and Canada (the latter in certain ways) have world class teaching tools, but the teachers, the students and the people paying both all act like Jerry Jones and Jason Garret did with the Cowboys team during Garrets tenure.

The fans of US/western animation and western animation as a whole are in severe deficit in many ways, both theatrical, streaming and broadcast/cable. Think of Rick and Morty as the only good constant player on that team, Sean Lee. You know his game and you respect his play even though you don’t respect the team or its fanbase. One of the main knocks against him is that  he gets injured a lot, and there is a lot to be desired from his teammates in stages where the team needs a stop and a spark from same.

And here is the key, to what the problem is. Jerry Jones, in defending Jason Garrets coaching style, and the way that when Jerry Jones is doing press work, makes himself the center of attention and drama while the team via bad luck, bad second half play calls and so on…It almost no different than when people complain about the shows the major media enterprises make from she-ra’s newest show, to Thundercats Go and so on, the complaints about Garret fall on deaf ears just like the complaints about the people writing and designing these shows, it got to the point where – just like Jerry Jones does from time to time defended Garret – is the same tone and direction many of the higher ups, who are friends of these shows show runners defended their choice of design and direction.

But you see the results. Bad luck, and mediocre fits.

To make the example stick –  There is a player on the team that has been paid more, inflation included, than all of the players on that team has given ever. More than all the Cowboys Players that went to the Super Bowl. It is the same thing as Disney doing the 3D CGI Version of the Lion King, calling it live action, and saying it is better in all forms to the 2D animated version, when the latter still animated. And yes, it makes money! The player makes bank too, but I see no Super Bowl post 1995.

And yet, Jerry Jones doesnt have the heart to fire Jason Garret, nor many of these leaders in a lot of power structures in western animation are willing to cut ties with a lot of misrepresented and mistalented “animation” artists and “animation writers” in this industry.

So failure continues to mount, Jerry Jones gets older, he runs it like family business, and nothing changes. What does that remind you of? Rebecca Sugar and Steven Universe. The people working on Thundercats Go, the same people working on all these other projects.

The animation business right now in the west, and a lot of entertainment in this world and a lot of businesses in this world, follow Jerry Jones’s model. His model, however only worked when there was no Salary Cap in the NFL pre 1995. Outside of that, Jerry Jones model of business in a Salary Cap model of the modern NFL is set up for tragedy on one end, and mediocrity on the other. In a way the Salary Cap example works with the Introduction of other genre forms of animation and entertainment, such as Anime, coming into the fore, the E/I laws that came to effect in 1990, the internet and what that entailed for the business of animation and how it was shown, produced, and the transparency that had to come with such. Many now are using the argument “its for kids” to defend mediocre business practices and nascent political positions. Not unlike surprisingly – on who Jerry Jones invites at dinner at Thanksgiving in front of 32 million people.

Because of the Legacy of Tom Landry, the CBS years of the NFC where the Cowboys were the main attraction and the great rivalries of the late 70’s and most of the 1980’s, The American People love or love to hate the Cowboys and people will watch… to see them win or lose.

It is the same exact thing happening in western animation. Lead and promoted by sycophants, the American family (and some times other audiences) watch Frozen and Frozen 2 wondering about the glory years of Disney and Eisner and why it doesn’t feel the same any more or, their minds cant, see a world beyond the Pixar’s, the Lucas Arts and Marvels.

Think about these things, and why this is the year everybody is gunning for Japan for the last piece of gold, Anime to keep the business going.

But, remember; The Cowboys had world class talent. And in that same time period, the Giants with a so – so quarterback, and the Eagles with a Backup: Won super bowls. Against TOM BRADY. Think about that and why these folks need like Jason Garret to be sent away…for the good of the league, and the good of all animation, entertainment and media all over the world.

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