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New Ben 10 series on Cartoon Network after Ultimate Alien

New Ben 10 series on Cartoon Network after Ultimate Alien

First, there was Ben 10. Then, the team aged, and changed, to become Ben 10: Alien Force. After his identity was exposed, the group evolved again, from Omnitrix to Ultimatrix, becoming Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. …but the story doesn’t end there! Cartoon Network recently announced that there will be a fourth title to the franchise, expanding on the Ben 10 Universe. There are no names or details yet released on the toon, which makes guessing all the more fun! Will this actually be the realized April Fool’s project we spoofed, Generator Rex: Ultimate Alien? Doubtful. But we’re not exactly sure where the next Ben 10 toon will take the series. Maybe 10 years further in the future, similar to Batman Beyond? Could this be the reality of Ben 10,000? What would you think of that?

Premise of Ben 10,000, from season 3 of the original series:

When Ben and Gwen forget about Grandpa Max’s birthday cake, the two kids wind up bickering over who’s to blame. But when a mysterious stranger appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Gwen, Ben follows her into a strange portal as XLR8. When the dust settles, Ben suddenly realizes where he is: the future, in a world where humans and aliens live peacefully. Ben, however, is taken aback when he learns that Gwen’s captor is actually her own future self, an accomplished magician to boot. Future Gwen reveals that the current Ben is now a world-renowned hero with 10,000 different alien forms. But, upon meeting his future self, Ben realizes that the future Ben is all business and just can’t relax, not even for his own family.

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  1. afzal afzal


  2. I Like It It’s My Favorite

  3. I wish cartoon network would stop telling us about new Ben 10 spin offs (spin offs meaning series) until the end of each Ben 10 series, but I do have 3 questions

    1.will Kevin still be working with Ben and Gwen in the new series?

    2.what will Kevin look like when he yet again absorbs the Ultimatrix (if said event happens)?

    3.if the series is about Ben 10k (Ben 10,000), will he use ultimate Ben at all? like in the episode of Ben 10 Ultimate alien called “Ben 10,000 returns?

  4. Jason Pyktel Jason Pyktel

    Ben 10 is awesome totally hope new series is not to distant ahead. It kept my attention locked in and totally was not boring what so ever.

  5. Eric 10 Eric 10

    I hope they dont go to far into the future, ben 10 cant end yet!!!

  6. PlatinumSage PlatinumSage

    ben 10 will be in Uni or last year or high school

  7. Gaurav.... Gaurav....

    Ben 10 should be realese “BEN 10 ULTIMATE FUSION” series..

  8. sammyister sammyister

    the new ben10 series will be ben10 omniverse…comming this sept.

  9. bebo butt bebo butt


  10. bebo butt bebo butt

    i like it

  11. senura senura

    I wish there more Ben 10 Ultimate Alien – Season 2

  12. billy resler billy resler

    I have a question about Kevin is he stupid I mean if I had his ability I’d have a belt with different minerals to absorb in case I’m on a planet that has no metal I mean some aliens flyin spspace

  13. I think Ben 10,000 should be released

  14. O.henderson O.henderson

    I think Ben 10 has a very good chance to upgrade to ben10000 I would love to see that plot and story line teams of heroes all over the Galaxy and Ben and the plumbers at the center of it grandpa max still in the mix tons of new ville criminals of all species with special skills I think it would rock of the old Ben and add a lot of cool new stuff . One thing I think they animation styles should stay.

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