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New ThunderCats teaser hits Cartoon Network

New ThunderCats teaser hits Cartoon Network

New ThunderCats teaser hits Cartoon Network

These were days of peace and prosperity on Third Earth. When one empire stood above all others; ruling with a just heart and razor claw. And though omens foretold in the book would be ignored, the tragedy to come was necessary. For it was written that he would be born of fire; a king to lead his people to victory against Ancient Spirits of Evil! Got some goosebumps? So do we! And it’s all thanks to the relaunch of The ThunderCats! Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation have completely remade the popular 1980s toon into an awesome, action adventure; getting closer to it’s debut as every day passes. Lion-O readies his battle cry (Hooooo!) as he wields the Sword of Omens for the first time on his quest for the fabled Stones of Power. Will you be on board? Find out after watching the latest teaser trailer right here!


Lion-O Sight Beyond Sight
Lion-O Sight Beyond Sight

Lion-O ThunderCats

ThunderCats Cheetara

ThunderCats Claudius

ThunderCats Jaga

ThunderCats King Claudius
King Claudius

ThunderCats Mumm-Ra

ThunderCats Mumm-Ra Transform
Mumm-Ra Transform

ThunderCats Slithe

ThunderCats Sword of Omens
Sword of Omens

ThunderCats The Sword of Omens
The Sword of Omens

ThunderCats Tigra

ThunderCats Tigra Cheetara Lion-O
ThunderCats Tigra Cheetara Lion-O

ThunderCats Tygra

ThunderCave (?)

WilyKit and WilyKat
WilyKit and WilyKat

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