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Oscar’s Oasis has Cake Entertainment’s global touch

Oscar's Oasis has Cake Entertainment's global touch

Cake Entertainment sounds like such a delicious name. But the creator of Skunk Fu!, Stoked, Angelo Rules, Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Word Girl doesn’t just sit around and wait for people to visit and try to eat their wonderful name. No, the production company is constantly hard at work on new toons, and bringing those toons worldwide. Take for example their new show, Oscar’s Oasis. Working with TeamTO, Tuba Entertainment, and TF1, Cake will bring Oscar’s Oasis to Cartoon Network Latin America, PT Cipta TPI in Indonesia, Societe Radio Canada, 2×2 Channel, YLE, ATV, S4C Wales, SVT, QTV, MBC, and SFDRS. Is Oscar coming your way?

About Oscar’s Oasis
When you’re a lonely lizard in an unforgiving environment, life can be tough. It can seem the entire world is against you. In the case of Oscar, a rather forlorn desert denizen, it often is. He is beset on all sides. The arid landscape offers little relief, while his fellow inhabitants are anything but neighborly. The chickens bring a whole new meaning to hen-pecked and attack Oscar with bloodthirsty relish should he stray near them. The mischievous meerkats are no help at all. Then there’s the terrible trio – Popy, Buck and Harchi – who are the bane of Oscar’s life. Anything he has, they take. Everywhere he goes, they follow. Which is never a good thing when water is so hard to find. More often than not, their blundering persistence trumps Oscar’s ingenuity. But Oscar is not a quitter. What he may lack in size he makes up for in guts and determination. He never gives up. He’s a glass half-full kind of lizard. Unfortunately for him, in the desert that glass is usually half-full of sand. So get ready for frantic, action-packed adventures through prickly cacti, down dusty roads, and over cliff edges, full of visual charm and memorable characters.

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. José Miguel González López. José Miguel González López.

    Ola a todos los que lean esto, no se mucho sobre el programa así que solo diré lo que ocurre usualmente en el programa, aquí voy: la serie comienza con Oscar, pausan la imagen y muestran su nombre y luego quitan la pausa, luego Oscar tiene un problema o trata de hacer algo, en eso llegan Popy, Buck y Harchi, en respectivo orden, pausan la imagen, muestran los nombres por separado y quitan la pausa, el problema de uno de ellos se convierte pronto en el de todos, el final es impredecible, puede salir todo mal, puede salir todo más o menos, puede salir una mezcla de el primero con el segundo o el segundo con el tercero o puede salir todo bien, nunca se sabe.

  2. thariq aulia rahman thariq aulia rahman

    faiz mau jadi pilot pesawat dan faiz mau jadi power ranger
    siapa co pilot nya?

  3. fabian castillo fabian castillo

    muyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa serieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. fabian castillo fabian castillo

    que salgan mas capitulos y saque un juego oline

  5. fabian castillo fabian castillo

    que Salgan mas capitulos y saque juego oline

  6. anyela anyela

    es buenisima la serie k salgan capitulos nuevos

  7. greyy greyy

    Muy divertidaaaaaaaaaa y buenaaaaaa me gussta ossscar..

  8. bianca bianca

    eu quero jogar

  9. Robinson Rep. Dom Robinson Rep. Dom


  10. Paola Paola

    eiii qien sabe como se llama la novia de oscar???

  11. perla perla

    me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la serieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,

  12. luke duddy luke duddy

    not funny

  13. luke duddy luke duddy

    he looks like ringo

  14. luke duddy luke duddy

    but brown

  15. edwin edwin

    si oscar oscar viva quiero un jugete de el

  16. stefany fer stefany fer

    muy buenaa me en canta esta serie sanken mas capithulo0s pliiiissss

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