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Get a Glimpse of Cartoon Network’s Comic-Con Booth

If you’re not going to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con by choice, Cartoon Network has just released a few images designed to tease you into actually attending, as it features a glimpse at the uniquely experiential and creative booth that the company’s in-house creatives produced, which will be available to fans from July 24 through 27. ...


Cartoon Network Has a New President/GM

It’s Christina Miller: Christina Miller has been named President and General Manager for the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. networks Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang, as well as their digital brand extensions, including Cartoon and Adult The announcement was made by David Levy, President of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., to whom Miller reports. Miller ...

Amazing World of Gumball Gets Honored by BAFTA

The Amazing World of Gumball in a Class of its Own

The Amazing World of Gumball really is amazing– for more than just the fact that’s a hilarious cartoon both children and adults can enjoy. I could sound off on how everything comes together beautifully for an overall, excellently made cartoon, but that wouldn’t do it justice. This silly, totally ridiculous cartoon ironically lends itself to some pretty serious analysis. ...


Cartoon Network “Clarence” Creator Fired Over Allegations of Sexual Misconduct:

The story is serious enough- it deals with an upcoming series on CN and the issue that has been a problem with the production of the series. Cartoon Brew’s Amid Amidi states this: The Internet animation community is struggling to understand and address a serious issue today: a series of tweets last night by Adventure Time storyboard artist Emily Partridge in which she identified artist ...


New Tom and Jerry Show to Premiere on April

This coming April 9, Wednesday, Cartoon Network will be premiering their new series, The Tom and Jerry Show. The show will bring back the titular frenemies and their unique brand of slapstick humor. The show will also see the return of the most beloved sidecharacters this side of the animation pond. The new Tom and Jerry Show will still be set in their familiar suburban house setting, with each ...


New Cartoon Network Comics from Boom! Studios on the Way

Cartoon Network Enterprises and publisher BOOM! Studios have recently signed a new first look deal, which will pave the way for a line of comic book and graphic novels based on Cartoon Network’s library of original comedies. The first look deal builds upon the two companies’ current relationship, which has already led to several award-winning titles based on Cartoon Networks’ most popular ...


The Amazing World of Gumball Gets Top Ranks at The British Animation Awards

The British Animation Awards have recently revealed their honorees for the 2014 awards ceremony, which recently took place at the British Film Institute’s Southbank, London location. One of the top winners is Cartoon Network Europe’s hit animated comedy series The Amazng World of Gumball, which took home the award for Best Children’s Series via the episode “The Apology.” You can check ...


Classic Cartoon Network Shows Participate in Crossover Comic Event

If you think Marvel and DC’s respective heroes have the monopoly on intra-company crossovers, you’d better think again, because some of Cartoon Network’s classic characters will be featured in a new IDW comic book series titled Super Secret Crisis War! In case you’re not familiar with tights and spandex superheroics, Super Secret Crisis War pokes fun (at the very least, its title does) ...


Legends of Chima Returns with Brand New Episodes

On March 15, Saturday at 9:30 am ET/PT, Cartoon Network will be bringing back Laval, Cragger, and the Tribes as Legends of Chima makes its grand return with all new episodes. The next chapter in the exciting saga begins with Chima in the middle of a crisis: The Chi-filled waters of Mount Cavora have stopped flowing, leaving the Tribes devoid of their main source of energy. ...


New Teen Titans Go! Clip: Brain Food

Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new preview clip for the next episode of Teen Titans Go!, titled “Brain Food.” The episode will air this coming Wednesday, March 5, at 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network. The episode focuses on Beast Boy as he grows tired of being considered as the least intelligent member of the Teen Titans. At first, he tried all sorts of things in order to get smart, each ...

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