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Padmé and Anakin Unite in The Clone Wars

Padmé Amidala and C-3PO made a memorable entrance in their Star Wars: The Clone Wars series debuts this past weekend.  The episode, entitled Destroy Malevolence, hit Cartoon Network on Friday, and fans haven’t stopped chatting about it since!  (did you see it??) In the episode — the final act of a three-episode arc — Padmé and C-3PO are taken hostage by General Grievous, ...


Star Wars: Clone Wars — Nightsisters Revealed

Video game consoles across the galaxy were treated to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed last month, but there’s plenty more to come to gameland from the Star Wars universe!  Soon, both Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii will be getting a game based on the Clone Wars movie and series on Cartoon Network.  Lightsaber Duels will be heading to the Wii, and Jedi Alliance will be heading to the DS.  ...


Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

Hot Wheels fans, rejoice!  Mattel has recently begun development on a new cartoon series called Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, ready to hit the air a year from now, fall 2009.  The CGI animated show will be based on Mattel’s famous Hot Wheels, the popular toy car line.  It is being worked on by Nelvana and Nerd Corps Entertainment, the same folks who bring us The League of Super Evil.  ...


Optimus Prime Toys

Transformers: Animated debuted on Cartoon Network in December of 2007, airing around the world on a number of networks since, including NickToons in the UK. In its two seasons and 26 episodes since launch, the series has begun to make a name for itself, and so it makes perfect sense there would be a successful toyline based on the show.  Collection DX has reviewed some of the latest figures ...


Willkommen Ben 10

If you have any friends in Germany (or, hey, maybe you’re IN Germany) be sure to get them ready for Ben 10!  No more importing, no more downloading from the ‘net — Germany fans will now be able to check out Ben 10 first hand through Cartoon Network Enterprises.  Ben 10 will debut on Germany’s RTL 2 in January 2009, with Ben 10: Alien Force starting up on Cartoon Network ...


Tiger’s Apprentice movie

Cartoon Network will be creating a movie based on Lawrence Yep’s book Tiger’s Apprentice.  The film will be a mix of live-action and CGI animation, and is set for a theatrical release in 2010.  Recently, Cartoon Network has been all over the place, expanding what it normally does best (duh…cartoons!).   They have already started making cartoons about comic books, and not ...



Watch the show, read the books!  The super slick Flash-animated series Hero:108 is all set to hit a TV near you next year.  Along with that, they’ll also have a series of novelty books being based on the series over in Europe.  The basic story is about a united band of human and animal heroes hoping to end the war between humans and animals once and for all.  No word yet on if there ...


May the Fans be with you!

The new Star Wars series we’ve been talking so much about, Cartoon Network’s The Clone Wars, was just listed as being the most-watched series premiere in the entire history of the channel!  The CGI cartoon that Lucasfilm Animation worked so hard at, was said to have been watched by over 4 million viewers at once.  That’s huuuuge!  Were you one of them??  If so, ...


World of Quest

Canada’s Teletoon has recently gotten a chance to enjoy World of Quest along with those watching Cartoon Network in the UK.  The animated series, another created by the Cookie Jar Group, features the superhero-like Quest and his younger, arrogant pal Prince Nestor.  Anyone watching this?  Here’s the bio for the first episode: The Quest Begins – Prince Nestor and his Griffin ...


New episodes of Ben 10: Alien Force

Cartoon Network will debuting all new episodes of Ben 10: Alien Force as part of their new “Secret Saturdays” promotion.  Secret Saturdays will start airing October 10th, and repeat every Saturday at 8pm.  Included in the mix with the new Ben 10 episodes will be the CGI Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.  Be sure to check them ...


Star Wars: The Clone Wars …starts now!!

Well, in a little bit, anyway.  Just a reminder, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be debuting tonight on Cartoon Network at 9pm.  The series will be continuing the story already started in theaters this summer, except this time for free and in the convenience of your own living room!  (assuming you have a TV in your living room, of course).  But, don’t worry if you miss this episode, as ... now has 69 pages of news and games!« First Page6465666768Last Page »

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