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The Mr. Men Show sketches on

Looks like The Mr. Men Show will be getting a second season (hooray!).  The show’s backer, Chorion, has signed a buncha deals across the globe to produce an additional 52 episodes of the series to be available for your viewing pleasure in 2009.  The series will be introducing several new characters, including Little Miss Magic and Little Miss Giggles, as well as the jetpack-wearing ...


Star Wars: The Clone Wars forces (eh!) itself to DVD

Warner Home Video will be releasing Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be hitting DVD and that new-fangled Blu-ray on November 11th. This is the movie that appeared in theaters, not a compilation of the earlier Cartoon Network show.  The special features were not yet announced for any of the home versions, but it’s a safe bet they’ll be chock full o’goodies, as previous ...


“Batman: Gotham Knight” on Cartoon Network Oct 4th

Batman: Gotham Knight, the anime DVD made available a few months ago before Batman: The Dark Knight hit theaters, will be debuting on Cartoon Network Saturday, October 4th at 9:00 PM.  The movie bridges the time period between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight through several stories, each animated in a different and unique ...


Total Drama and Stoked like Canada

Canadian viewers will soon be able to check out new episodes of two cartoons, Total Drama and Stoked, on the local Teletoon broadcast.  Total Drama will take on an entirely new spin in the third season as the Fresh TV series is adding in a musical aspect to the episodes.  The whole season even goes so far as to call itself “Total Drama, the Musical.” Stoked will premiere on ...


Have your own house party for the Clone Wars!

The Clone Wars movie will be fully out of theaters soon, and ready to hit your TVs with a one-hour special on October 3rd at 9pm.  But some lucky fans will get more than just a regular TV viewing.  On Saturday, September 27th, 2,000 houses across America will be having special Star Wars: The Clone Wars house parties being thrown for them by Cartoon Network.  Each person that gets picked to ...


Bakugan returns!

Bakugan will be getting a whole new season’s worth of episodes.  Nelvana Enterprises, Spin Master, Sega Toys, and TMS Entertainment (phew!) are all companies behind the series, and they’re all in the works to get things rolling.  Season two of the anime series is titled: Bakugan: New Vestoria and will be ready for TV in just a few months – spring 2009.  The Cartoon Network ...


Super Friends marathon

For all you classic fans, and maybe even you newer fans, Cartoon Network’s Boomerang will be showing a Super Friends marathon on Saturday, September 27th from 6 AM to 7 PM.  That’s enough time to feature heroes from 30 episodes from all of the DC Comics animated series; Super Friends, Challenge of the Super Friends, The World’s Greatest Super Friends, Super Friends: The ...


Cartoon Network’s big numbers!

So what were you doing last Sunday, September 7th?  Were you, perhaps, watching Cartoon Network?  Because, if so, you were part of their largest audience for the entire 2008 year!  …That is, if you’re between the ages of 7-13.  Even though my rating doesn’t count, I know I was there — were ...


The Garfield Show

If you were a cat that loved lasagna, loved to sleep, hated the dog you lived with, but loved being on TV… you’d probably want a little mention on ToonBarn, wouldn’t you?  Well, yes or no, Garfield is getting one!   In fact, Garfield is getting his own show again soon.  Mediatoon will be presenting a new CGI animated series The Garfield Show later this year (or maybe early ...


Ben 10: Race Against Time in Australia

All of our kangaroo-riding friends will soon be able to watch Cartoon Network’s live-action CGI animated movie, Ben 10: Race Against Time.  The made for TV movie premieres in the Asia Pacific this month on Cartoon Network’s Australia/New Zealand and Philippines channels September 20th.  On September 26th, it will appear on channels in the Southeast Asia region.  This will be the ...


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cartoon Network premiere

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will premiere its weekly animated series on Cartoon Network Friday, October 3rd at 9 pm.  The Lucasfilm Animation TV show will debut with a one hour special, starring as part of Cartoon Network’s new “fantasy, action, adventure” Friday night block, from 8 pm to 10 pm.   To kick things off on October 3rd, Cartoon Network’s new series The ...


Bakugan toys and such!

Bakugan, the cool new Cartoon Network series, will now be getting a nice number of toys and products out there for all of us to buy up and wear!  Set to appear before the end of 2008 are a number of products including T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, and stationary.  And, of course… toys!  Spin Master is making a full line of Bakugan toys available to everyone, all across the ... now has 69 pages of news and games!« First Page6566676869

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