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Pokemon Black & White battles the Shadow of Zekrom on Cartoon Network

Pokemon Black & White battles the Shadow of Zekrom on Cartoon Network

When it launches the morning of February 12th, Pokemon Black & White will debut as the 14th season of the Pocket Monsters franchise. We know Ash and Pikachu will be there, but what else can we expect from Cartoon Network’s new Saturday Morning series? Well, despite the fact that his quest to become a Pokemon Master has taken over a decade, Ash appears to be younger than ever, with larger eyes and a hipper outfit. Maybe this is something Brock and others disapproved of, as Ash Ketchum’s explorations through the Unova Region are now joined by Iris (who wields the Dragon Pokemon Axew) and Cilan (a Gym Leader with a Grass-type monkey Pokemon Pansage). Typical battles are sure to follow with Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth — in title-appropriate black clothes — giving the heroes a fair amount of trouble. But we’ll wait and see along with you tomorrow morning!!


Ash has arrived in the Unova region, along with Pikachu, his mom, and Professor Oak. Their new adventures get off to a rocky start when Pikachu gets hit by a bolt of lightning from a freak storm! With aid from Professor Juniper, Unova’s preeminent scientist, Pikachu apparently recovers fully. But something is amiss when Pikachu enters battle against a new foe and his fascinating Pokémon…

Pokemon Black and White Pikachu in battle

To celebrate the launch of the new Pokémon: Black & White season, stay tuned to watch the second episode of the season, starting at 9:30! Then, tune in every week to all-new Pokémon: Black & White episodes on Cartoon Network, every Saturday morning at 9 A.M.

Black and White Pokemon

Unova's Professor Juniper and Pikachu

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  1. tyler tyler

    i love this show so much!!!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca Rebecca

    I love axew

  3. latrice latrice

    i luv pokemon black and white

  4. taylah taylah

    pokemon black and white is the best!!!

  5. taylah taylah

    Pokemon : Black & White is the bestest show ever!!!

  6. taylah taylah

    OMG!!! pokemon black and white was so perfect !!!

  7. matheus vitor matheus vitor

    pokemon e o meu desenho favorito des dos 4anos de idade

  8. Diana Diana

    i love pokemon but i love May very much and
    i like many cartoons

    5.ben 10
    6.ben 10 alien force
    7.ben 10 ultimate alien force
    9.detective conan
    10.avatar cartoon
    12.eon kid
    13.jakcie chan adventures

  9. taylah taylah

    you should see the new episode of pokemon black and white rival destines

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