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Rebooting the Flintstones: Do or Don’t?

Rebooting the Flintstones: Do or Don't?

Hello fellow Earthpolluters! So I guess a lot of you have heard about the fact that Mr. Seth Macfarlane is going to reboot the Flintstones. When I heard this, I was SO excited, reliving memories of the Hanna-Barbera version. Then I thought about it for a bit longer, and I started to wonder: “is he going to put his Family Guy / American Dad / Cleveland Show humor into the Flintstones?” Scary, right? I mean the Flintstones have a different sort of humor when compared to the toons Mr. Macfarlane has created. So how big will the difference be? Will he able to maintain that original Flintstones feeling in the new series?

And can he reboot the Flintstones in a way that it’s child-friendly to watch? I’m not saying that being hit by a prehistoric baseball bat isn’t provoking or inappropriate but I hope that will be the worst it will get. But if this reboot isn’t meant for kids then it would be more than okay for the Flintstones to get colored outside the lines – if you know what I mean 😉

MacFarlane Flintstones

Anyway, I’m dying to find out how this version is going to turn out. I do think Mr. Macfarlane can do this. After all he made Cartoon Network’s shorts: The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve, and I remember those shorts like it was only yesterday. Those shorts can reassure that Seth Macfarlane is able to do this without falling flat on his face. The question that remains is: “Can he do it without falling flat on his face?”. It’s totally up to him but lets not forget that he is in fact a man who is busy with 3 series of his own already. Respect to that. Overall, lets wait for this version of the Flintstones to be aired.

So what do you guys think? Was this a good call of Mr. Seth Macfarlane or not and why?

The Life of Larry

Larry & Steve


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One Comment

  1. cbrminute cbrminute

    I think he should have left it.
    I don’t know…it looks like he’s putting the Flintstones into the Family Guy world or something. :s

    As for being child-friendly, I don’t think so, I haven’t seen Barney or the others smile once from what I’ve seen of this new version

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