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Have a Regular Halloween with Terror Tales of the Park and In the House

Have a Regular Halloween with Terror Tales of the Park

Have a Regular Halloween with Terror Tales of the Park and In the House

Nothing better than a regular night with your regular favorites; especially when its another regular Halloween. But what if it were a Regular Halloween…? Already, things are starting better! On Monday, October 31st, aka Halloween, Cartoon Network is rolling out a Regular Show Halloween special, complete with all the spookiness Mordecai and Rigby could conjure up. Regular Show: Terror Tales of the Park features three scary episodes: Creepy Doll, Death Metal Crash Pit, and In the House. Be sure you’re all done trick or treating by 8:15pm so you can get in and watch some cartoons!


The first episode of the Halloween holiday special, Creepy Doll, starts with Mordecai and Rigby discovering an old Victorian Doll. Turns out Pop hasn’t played with, or even seen, the doll since he was a child. This, apparently, hasn’t sat well with the doll, who takes a Toy Story-like turn by coming to life. But the big difference between this doll and Woody or Buzz: it unleashes all of the pent up rage over not being played with and attacks Pops!

Mordecai and Rigby in the House

Mordecai and Rigby in the House

The second tale, Death Metal Crash Pit, stars Muscle Man and High Five Ghost. With HFG involved, it already sounds perfect for Halloween. Seems the pair are looking to crash an old TV into a pit, but there’s a paranormal force preventing them from doing so: the ghost of an 80s death metal band! What could be scarier than an 80s band that just wont let go. The hair!!!

Finally, the Halloween special wraps up with In the House, which once again stars Rigby and Mordecai. In this scary adventure, Rigby eggs a house — the wrong house! The place is owned by a wizard, and let’s just say this guy doesn’t like having his house egged.

now you done it

now you done it

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