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SDCC 2013: ToonBarn Interviews Mitch Watson from Beware the Batman

ToonBarn's Marc Morrell talks to Mitch Watson, Producer of Beware the Batman, at SDCC 2013

Mitch Watson knows a boatload about Batman and Alfred. We know, because he talks about them, and their roles on Beware the Batman, without taking a breath, in our interview with him at San Diego Comic-Con. Mitch is a Producer for Beware the Batman, which airs on Cartoon Network, Saturday Mornings at 10 AM ET. Mitch knows a boatload because, when they were researching for the show, they had to pull from everything that has ever been done with the characters in the Batman Universe, to determine what their Batman backstory might be.

Bruce meets Tatsu (Katana) for the first time in Beware the Batman
Bruce meets Tatsu (Katana) for the first time in Beware the Batman

That was how he found out about Alfred’s former life as an MI-6 Agent, long before he took on the role of Butler for the Wayne Family. As early as 1945, The Detective Comics Series developed Alfred Beagle (Alfred has different last names in other versions) as “a former field medic and intelligence officer, Alfred has been trained in several spying and intelligence gathering techniques which he has used in supporting Wayne as Batman.” That is why this show sometimes has the same feel as a Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson story, just with superheroes and villains.

Mitch Watson, who has also produced and written for Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated and Duckman, would have talked to us more about Beware the Batman, if he had time. He was the last one we interviewed before the Beware the Batman Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and time was running out. We think you’ll find great insight into this 1st Season of Beware the Batman from Mitch’s interview below, especially how he explains that the season really has two halves. The second half will follow a different storyline from the first. Mitch also talks about how they wanted to create a Bruce, Alfred, and Katana family unit, which would become the foundation of the show, emotionally. We also find out more about Alfred and Katana’s relationship before he introduces her to Bruce Wayne.

We’d like to thank Mitch Watson for this wonderful interview, and of course, we have to thank Cartoon Network, Warner Bros Television and Beware the Batman.

Beware the Batman

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