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Is Teen Titans GO! Awful or Are You Just Jaded?

It’s no secret that a lot of people hate Teen Titans GO!, judging by some of the comments that crop up on Toonbarn posts about the show. Or It doesn’t even need to come from Toonbarn – just do a search and you’ll find many complaints about the show.

However, the show is very popular and very profitable – it is one of the highest ranking shows on CN right now and it’s got merchandise up the wazoo. Of course, popularity and sales isn’t always an objective measure for quality, but it is very effective in showing that there are a lot of people who like it, and a perfect indicator that the producers are doing something right.

Kids love it, that’s for sure. It is being marathoned in timeslots meant for kids, and to its credit, it manages to incorporate adult subject matter, without relying on it exclusively. That way, even viewers who fail to spot the subtle allusion to mature topics (such as discrimination and peer pressure) will not feel like they’re missing out on anything. They could focus on the slapstick and the bug-eyed, heavily caricatured art style.

So, if you’re part of the group of people who hate the show, Toonbarn would like to know why?

Do you hate the show because the art style looks immature?

Do you hate the show because you think the jokes are lame and shallow?

Do you hate the show because you’re an adult and you think you’re not supposed to like kid’s shows?

Or do you hate it because it’s what Warner and CN gave you when they could have continued Teen Titans?

We are genuinely interested. Sound off in the comments below.

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Cecilia Cordero

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