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Thundercats Brings Back the Robear Berbils

Thundercats Brings Back the Robear Berbils

When the modern version of Thundercats was first shown to viewers, a couple of questions seem to have bubbled to the surface; namely, Where’s Lion-O’s annoying sidekick, Snarf? And how are they gonna handle the Robot Teddy Bears? The latter was answered this week with the release of a clip from the episode “Berbils”, which will air on Cartoon Network this Friday, October 28th.


In “Berbils”, the Thundercats are approached by diminutive robotic bears that ask for their help in freeing their kin from an individual who has enslaved the robot bears due to their useful technical and construction skills. Of course, there is no way that the Cats will refuse to help the downtrodden, mechanical or no.

The episode also puts Panthro in the forefront as he bonds with one of the Robears, after finding out that they have something in common, such as the aptitude for technical and engineering tasks.

Now, all that’s left is the issue of how Snarf will get the ability to speak, which it used liberally in the original cartoon. Let’s all hope that he remains limited to Snarf-Snarf! noises, as that little runt can be a tad too annoying when given the chance to speak. The real question is why can’t Lion-O get a sidekick that’s a little bit more on the badass side, like Orko from Masters of the Universe?

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  1. CinnabarCrux CinnabarCrux

    lol I haven’t seen ThunderCats in a long time.

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