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Total Drama Season 6 is now in development

After the conclusion of spinoff Ridonculous Race in 2015, fans have been left wondering if they’d ever see anymore from the Total Drama series. Fret not animated reality fans, Total Drama season 6 is now in development, according to a Youtube video from Fresh TV’s Christine Thompson and Chris McLean voice actor Christian Potenza.

Not much else is known about the new season, other than some of the characters featured in the original, Total Drama Island, will get another chance.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Total Drama franchise, they’re parodies of popular reality shows like Survivor, Fear Factor and The Amazing Race. The twist is that because they’re animated, the high jinks get even goofier. It was a massive hit with viewers the world over.

The first season premiered on Teletoon in Canada back in 2007 and concluded in 2015 after five seasons, a spinoff and 146 episodes. Cartoon Network aired the series in the United States. Neither network has confirmed their involvement with the new season. The entire franchise has been created by the Canadian media company Fresh TV.

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Total Drama Season 6 is now in development

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