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Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Countdown

Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Countdown

Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Countdown

With just days to go before Cartoon Network launches the next Ben 10 animated series, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, we decided we’d take an up-close look at some of the new alien forms, one every day, starting with our old pal Cannonbolt; a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in natural armor plating. This armor can resist almost any attack, ranging from acids to lasers. By curling up into a ball, much like an armadillo, Cannonbolt can encase himself in his armor, becoming virtually invulnerable. He can then spin himself like a wheel, rolling into enemies at high speeds to attack. His speed and maneuverability is limited outside of his ball form, due to his bulk and high center of gravity. The power of the all-new Ultrimatrix gives Ben the ability to access the Ultimate Cannonbolt, an evolved Arburian Pelarota from Arburia, whose spiked armor spreads across a darker coloring. Pretty intimidating!

Ultimate Cannonbolt Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 Cannonbolt

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