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Young Justice: Wally West is Coldhearted

Young Justice: Wally West is Coldhearted

Kid Flash takes center stage in the Young Justice episode entitled “Coldhearted”. The episode follows Wally West as he gets ever so closer to his birthday wish, which is to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Unfortunately for the young speedster, he is taken off the mission and given a simple delivery job.

Wally is insulted and massively disappointed by his perceived lack of importance in the group, but a few deadly surprises await him along the way, making the simple delivery job far more serious and dangerous than any job he’s ever had to do.

Here are a few clips from the episode “Coldhearted”:

Wally wakes up excited on his 16th birthday, and is overjoyed that it’s snowing. “It’s going to be a good day,” he says.

This clip has a little bit more action, showing a mysterious person wiping the floor with a group of policemen, only to be hit by Kid Flash, who is just passing by on his way to a delivery task.

You can watch the complete episode of “Coldhearted” on Saturday, 10:30 AM ET/PT.

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