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Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien has been phenomenal. So far, over here in the UK, we’ve seen the complete first series with brand new aliens such as Waterhazard, Terraspin, Nrg, Armadrillo, Raad and many more, plus we’ve seen new ultimate forms of Ben’s alien force aliens and some of his originals too, like Ultimate Wildmutt. But the question on every Ben 10 fan’s mind is …When will new episodes air?

A spin off of the original Ben 10 series and Ben 10 Alien Force, Ultimate Alien brings Ben’s adventures to a whole new level of amazement. The now-sixteen year old Ben faces brand new enemies and brand new adventures. Villains can be no more diabolical than Ben’s main foe, the evil Agreggor, who plans to absorb the powers and souls of five aliens that Ben will soon become. Plus for original Ben 10 fans, Ben 10 himself (the original ten year old version) returns in a special episode where he is forced to work together with his future self a must see for all Ben 10 fans. But wait! there’s more!! Kevin E Levin evil again? It happens, and we finally get to see why — how exciting is that?! So all in all, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien’s first series was impressive but the second season will be even more awesome.

Season 2 of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien started earlier this year and so far we’ve only seen twelve episodes air and as a fan i’m wondering when will the rest air and how long will we have to wait for more Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. During season 2 of the series, we were introduced to new aliens such as Fast Track and Chamalien, plus we were reintroduced to original aliens. Ben 10,000 made his debut return in this season and a new villain Old George has yet to reveal himself to Ben and friends. This season was getting really good, we had so many new plot elements and seen so many new and old faces but the big climax has yet to be seen as only twelve episodes have aired and we have no idea when the rest will. I l myself, am a huge Ben 10 fan and like all Ben 10 fans, I have to know when the new episodes will air as I have been hooked to this awesome series since it began.


Ben 10 is a major icon and hero in the Cartoon Network universe and he is still going strong with video games and action figures and many merchandise old and new around the world. It’s amazing how the life of a ten year old could have so many people wondering where will he go next? And with the recent announcement that a new series will begin production and start when Ultimate Alien comes to an end, makes me even more excited to see what happens next in our hero’s story.

As well as this new series coming soon, Ultimate Alien is also getting a new video game title, known officially as Ben 10 Galactic Racing, which will allow us to play as many old and new aliens plus Ben 10 and characters from Ultimate Alien will be playable in the Cartoon Network game Punch Out Explosion for Nintendo 3DS, so Ben 10’s future is looking brighter than ever. When will Ben 10 Ultimate Alien air new episodes?! This is the question that needs to be answered.

In the meantime, repeats of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien air everyday on Cartoon Network, and you can also catch repeats of Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force – so get caught up on all your Ben 10 while you wait!


I'm 21, currently animating projects for fun on youtube. love anime and cartoons and have a real passion for them. My dream is to succeed in making my book series into a tv show

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