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Young Justice Exclusive Clips: Image

Young Justice Exclusive Clips: Image

Warner Bros. Entertainment has made available two exclusive clips from this week’s episode of Young Justice. Entitled “Image”, the episode deals with a covert operation against Queen Bee’s base of operations in Qurac. The mission puts Miss Martian face to face with her greatest fear and biggest secret, but she has to make a choice: will she reveal her secrets to her teammates, or will she continue to hide them even it if spells doom for the entire team?


The first clip reveals Superboy’s deepest, darkest secret: He doesn’t like Monkeys. And Kid Flash was right. At least the monkey didn’t throw poo.


The second clip has a more serious tone. It shows the Young Justice torn between sticking to their mission, and rescuing civilians that are in harm’s way.

To watch the complete episode, tune in to Cartoon Network this Saturday, 10:30 AM ET/PT.

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