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Check out an extended Beyblade Burst anime sneak peek

A few months back we highlighted the new Beyblade reboot, Beyblade Burst. Now we’ve got an extended preview for the anime series to share with you. The trailer sees protagonist Valto Aoi face off against his rival Shu Kurenai. You even get a brief look at the reboot’s exploding Beyblade gimmick. The anime will premiere sometime this spring in Japan with a global rollout due soon ...


There will be Three New BeyBlade series in the next two seasons

C21 Media reports that there will be at least three new series of the franchise coming this fall and all the way to next year: A new set of characters will set the scene for the new Beyblade series, taking place seven years after the events depicted in the previous Metal Saga installment. Beyblade: Shogun Steel (26×30′) will launch this fall, while BeyRaiderz Shogun (13×30′) ...


Beyblade Evolution spins to 3DS this fall

Nelvana, Hasbro, d-rights and Rising Star Games are collaborating on a new, never before seen Beyblade game for the Nintendo 3DS called Beyblade Evolution. The exclusive title will take advantage of all of the unique features of the 3DS with a gyroscope enabled launch technique, augmented reality battles to bring the excitement to life, and real time multiplayer alongside a beefy story mode. The ...


Nelvana announces Beyblade: Shogun Steel, and a second season of Beywheelz: Powered by Beyblade

Canadian animation studio Nelvana Limited have announced that broadcasters around the world can expect a 39 episode new dose of Beyblade animation in 2013. The company has confirmed that they will be continuing their Beyblade spinoff, Beywheelz with an additional 13 episode second season. Nelvana will also be dubbing Japan’s Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G for international audiences as ...


BeyWheelz powered by Beyblade begins spinning later this year

BeyWheelz is an upcoming animated series from Nelvana spun off of the popular Beyblade franchise. The series was teased at New York’s Toyfair earlier this year, but anime distributor Nelvana has since officially announced the series. The first cycle will consist of 13 episodes, and unlike the usual Beyblade anime series, this one will take the battles into a whole new realm as Bladers now ...


Beyblade Metal Masters duels into stores this fall on Nintendo DS

Following the success of last year’s Beyblade Metal Fusion video games, Hudson has teamed up with Nelvana once again to keep the tops spinning with Beyblade: Metal Masters for Nintendo DS. The latest title features more than 30 Beyblades, online gameplay, a new story mode and more. Gamers will get to experience the great battle Masamune and Gingka have when the game hits store shelves ...

Rated A For Awesome, Sidekick, and Beyblade: Metal Masters to YTV

Rated A For Awesome, Sidekick, and Beyblade: Metal Masters to YTV

As the summer sun begins the depressing fade away, the one thing that keeps crazy-people-looking smiles plastered on our faces: the fall means new cartoons! Take YTV, for example. The network has already announced portions of the upcoming, Fall 2011 schedule, and there’s some great toons coming our way! Rated A For Awesome will launch on September 3 at 8:30am, with Beyblade: Metal ...

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

Nintendo recently revealed their new console Wii 2 – well actually its now known as Nintendo Wii U. The new console comes with a very interesting controller. The controller is like an iPad but better, With this you can sit and watch your own screen while your friends and or family play on the television screen with their “wiimotes,” and when your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, ...

Nickelodeon UK has Beyblade Metal Fusion fever

Nickelodeon UK has Beyblade Metal Fusion fever

Since it debuted in the UK on August 7th, Beyblade Metal Fusion has not only fully taken over Nickelodeon, it’s also given every single Nick watcher a severe case of Beyblade fever! The anime toon is a spin off of the original series by Tatsunoko Pro, Synergy SP, and Nelvana, featuring an entirely new set of characters in a new storyline. Beyblade: Metal Fusion uses Universal ...

Beyblade: Metal Fusion brings Battle Fortress to Nintendo Wii

Beyblade: Metal Fusion brings Battle Fortress to Nintendo Wii

On November 9th, Beyblade fans across the U.S., at least the lucky fans, got to dig into the latest video game adventure from the Beyblade: Metal Fusion universe, Battle Fortress, the new Nintendo Wii video game. Originally a Japan-exclusive title, the game features the return of the Bladers, gunning for a shot at the World Beyblading Championships. Each team is ready and packing their own ...

Hudson and Nevlana to produce Beyblade: Metal Fusion video game

Hudson and Nevlana to produce Beyblade: Metal Fusion video game

There’s a good deal of cross over between anime fans and video game fans, and Tatsunoko and Nelvana are hoping to benefit both audience sets. Along with Hudson Soft’s Hudson Entertainment, the companies are developing video games based on d-rights’ Beyblade: Metal Fusion animated series. For now, the targeted consoles are the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, though there are ...

Cartoon Network releases Beyblade: Metal Fusion June 26

Cartoon Network releases Beyblade: Metal Fusion June 26

On June 26, Cartoon Network officially adds another piece to the Beyblade legend with Beyblade: Metal Fusion. The animated series is a mix of traditional cel animation with CG effects, spanning more than 50 episodes. The event kicks off at 7:30am on that Saturday, so be sure to hit your alarm clocks. The series actually starts out earlier in its Canadian debut, starting off on Saturday, May ...

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