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From manga to Toei anime to games, catch the latest from Dragon Ball GT to Dragon Ball Z Kai, with Goku, Piccolo Jr., Bulma and more

Dragonball: the movie — new trailer!

Dragonball: the movie -- new trailer!

Oh yes, that’s right, an all new trailer.  In just over 6 months, Dragonball will be released to theaters for all of us nutty fans to rush out and enjoy.  In the meantime, we have what little we can scrap up on the internet to hold us over.  Fears, interviews, music details, images… and now, trailers.  Check out the latest trailer for the Dragonball move after the break, and let us know what you think!

Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) speaks on new Dragonball film

Lord Piccolo (James Marsters)

There’s been a decent amount of info on the new Dragonball film working its way over to ToonBarn.  We’ve heard about the movie’s music.  We’ve heard the fears of the fans.  We’ve even gotten to see some of the photos and images from the film.

Now, we hear from Lord Piccolo.

SFX, the leading science fiction and fantasy magazine, recently had an opportunity to ask James Marsters a few thing about the upcoming Dragonball movie.  Marsters will be playing Lord Piccolo in the live action film based on the anime.  The upcoming issue will show fans what he said, but that’s too long for us ToonBarners!  Let’s take a special sneak peek glimpse at the info!

Q: Is there flying in the movie?

A: Oh my God, yeah.  Lots of flying.

Click below to see more info on the movie after the break!

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