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DreamWorks preps How To Train Your Dragon

DreamWorks preps How To Train Your Dragon

We’ve been on the ride that started at Shrek, headed towards Kung Fu Panda, around to Madagascar, and through Monsters and Aliens, but now the DreamWorks train is making its way to dragons! How To Train Your Dragon, which will run in full 3D, is the latest in a long line of CG animated films, set to hit theaters March 26th. Like Shrek, the film is also getting the live show treatment, but the concentration now is on the theatrical release in just a few weeks. We’ve been waiting a long time for this one, so we can’t wait. Check out a trailer to see the flick in action

Olivia’s Treehouse debut

Olivia's Treehouse debutOn Monday, February 23rd at 5:45pm, Corus Entertainment’s Treehouse will be home to the Canadian debut of Olivia, the CG animated series. The 15 minute episode is produced by Chorion and Brown Bag Films, and based on the Olivia book series, by Ian Falconer. New 15-minute episodes will air every day that week at 5:45pm. The following Saturday, February 28th, the network will feature a 30 minute episode at 6pm.

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