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Nickelodeon Launches SpongeBob Squarepants Marble Bash Browser Game

Nickelodeon once again proves that they care about that section of their fanbase who loves to play games, by releasing a brand new browser game called Spongebob Squarepants Marble Bash, exclusively on As the name implies, Marble Bash is based on the Spongebob Squarepants franchise, and lets Nick fans play a rousing game of matching marbles featuring Spongebob and his friends, ...


Nick.Com Launches New Raving Rabbids Game

This week, will be launching a new browser game in support of their newest CG animated TV series Rabbids Invasion. Dubbed Rabbids Invasion Rabbids Raid, the game will test fans’ abilities in order to see if they have what it takes to reigtn in the curious, irreverent, and completely unpredictable Rabbids. Rabbids Invasion is based on the award-winning videogame franchise from ...


Play Adventure Time: Jumping Finn for Free

It’s time once again for an addictive game that you can play straight from your browser. This time around, it’s Adventure Time: Jumping Finn. As the title denotes, this flash game is based on Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network’s hit fantasy comedy series, and stars series protagonists Jake and Finn. The premise is simple: the Ice King has once again kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, and it is ...


Play Adventure Time: Fight-O-Sphere

We haven’t seen any posts about Pendleton Ward’s award-winning fantasy comedy series, Adventure Time, in a long time so we think it’s time to refresh people’s memories of just how awesome that show is, and we’re going to do it by bringing you one of CN’s official browser-based games for the franchise, the hack and slash platforming game titled ...


One Piece: Romance Dawn 3DS Won’t Be Ported for North America

Representatives of Namco Bandai Games in the US have recently confirmed to Siliconera (via the recent Anime Expo) that the One Piece: Romance Dawn RPG port on the Nintendo 3DS (which was originally released for the PSP) will not be getting a North American release, despite having a proper English localization due to the European release. The news especially stings because the 3DS is ...


Injustice: Gods Among Us Free to Play on iOS

I wonder why this seems to have flown past most people’s radars considering how hyped up the console ports were, but Warner Bros. has released a free to play port of Injustice: Gods Among Us on the iOS platform, which means anybody who has an iPhone or an iPad can take their favorite DC superhero/villain (or its alternate reality version) and pit it against other heroes (or villains!) ...


Winx Club Stella Dressup

Pinky from has recently released a new dress up game based on the hit girl property Winx Club, titled “Winx Club Stella Dressup.” You can try the game directly from your browser (provided that your browser supports Flash. Sorry Safari users). As the title implies, Winx Club Stella Dressup only supports the fun-loving Winx club member Stella right now. Based on ...


Play Adventure Time: Fionna Fights from Your Browser

If you’re looking for a new Adventure Time game, particularly one that you can play straight from your browser, you’re in luck. Because we have just added Adventure Time: Fionna Fights into our Game section, giving you a chance to step into the shoes of Adventure Time’s gender-swapped duo, Fionna and Cake. In Fionna Fights, Finn’s female counterpart and Marshall Lee were on their way to ...


Play Teen Titans GO!: Housebroken Hero

We haven’t added a new game to Toonbarn’s Game section in quite a while, so here we are, another nifty new game that you can play right from your browser. This time, it’s based on a franchise that many visitors of Toonbarn love: Teen Titans GO!’s Housebroken Hero. ...

Cartoon Videogames That Deserved Their License

Cartoon Videogames That Deserved Their License

The problem with a lot of videogames based on cartoon shows is that they usually fail to serve as good videogame representations of the properties they were based on. At best, we get an enjoyable game that had nothing to do with the cartoon outside of the visuals. At worst, we get a really crappy game based on a show we love. However, there are shows that really do manage to capture the essence ...

Shaquille O’Neal Gets His Own iOS Videogame: ShaqDown

Shaquille O’Neal Gets His Own iOS Videogame: ShaqDown

The last time we let Shaquille O’Neal have his own basketball-themed videogame, we got Shaq Fu on the Sega Genesis. The game was not “cheesy bad.” It was just plain cheesy, and it was extremely bad. The graphics were awful and the controls were extremely laggy and inconsistent. Shaq Fu was released back in 1994, and Shaq probably thinks we’ve forgotten about it already so he’s taking ...

Free Flash Game: Match Factory

Free Flash Game: Match Factory

We haven’t featured a free flash game for quite some time, but now that people are enjoying their holidays (and dreading the impending return to school or work), it seems like it’s high time for a relaxing yet extremely addicting free flash game – Match Factory: Match Factory is basically a clone of the classic “Same Game” that’s been around since Windows 3.0 ...

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