Nickelodeon Voltron

Nicktoons welcomes Voltron Force and Mattel welcomes Voltron toys

Just as the property celebrates its 25th anniversary, it looks like Voltron could be making a comeback. World Events Productions and Classic Media have teamed up to unveil a relaunch to the iconic 80s toon, with both a new television show and toy line. It looks like Voltron’s recent move to YouTube has helped bring […]

4kids One Piece Voltron Yu-Gi-Oh!

4Kids One Piece versus original anime One Piece

Cartoons are sometimes created in one region of the world and later brought to others, making certain changes necessary; impacting different audiences, different beliefs, different languages, etc. It’s not an easy job, especially with us picky fans. 4Kids has been known to famously “Americanize” anime with a manga and Shonen Jump and Toei background, like […]

Nickelodeon Transformers Voltron

Voltron Panthera Force

At a recent presentation of it’s upcoming awesomeness, Nickelodeon vowed to introduce the world to Voltron Panthera Force, the latest edition of the Voltron franchise. The franchise has seen many incarnations in it’s 30 years of cartoons, hitting high notes in the mid 80s with the Voltron Lion Squad. The new series, like the original, […]


Voltron: Defender of the YouTubeniverse

We’ve watched He-Man and She-Ra change the way we check out videos at YouTube. Now, many more classic toons are clawing their way to the online TV outlet, finding a home on the ‘Tube. Next up to bat: Voltron Defender of the Universe. Five brave space explorers discover the secret of combining incredible robot lions […]

Disney Transformers Voltron

Voltron: Defender of the …theaterverse…

New Regency could be bringing the 1980s toon “Voltron” to the big screen.  The feature film Voltron: Defender of the Universe is currently the topic of discussion between the big wigs at some movie companies, and Variety reports those discussions are about nailing down some actual production time.  It is still not exactly known how […]