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New DC Nation Short – Metal Men: Identity Crisis


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new clip for this week’s DC Nation programming block, this time featuring another round of hilarity via the Metal Men. The short is titled “Identity Crisis” and will air tomorrow, alongside other DC Nation shows such as Beware the Batman.

In “Identity Crisis,” Dr. Will Magnus is in the process of modifying the Metal Men, in order to “fix” their over-emotional responses to everything, an effort that is deemed unnecessary by the Metal Men themselves, claiming that there’s nothing that needs to be fixed.

While the heads of the Metal Men are removed, the walls to the laboratory come crashing down as Doctor Von Vroon arrives with a giant robot (we’re guessing it’s the Nightmare Menace?). The clip ends, but we’re guessing that Von Vroon’s untimely appearance will result in the Metal Men somehow wearing the wrong heads and leading to an identity crisis, as the title implies. Watch the video below:

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