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WATCH: Teaser for DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon: The Movie

A brand-spanking new teaser has just been released online for the Flash-animated super hero team up film, DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon: The Movie. While the odd franchise pairing and the unorthodox art style employed make it look like a fan project, this is a legitimate use of hte DC Super Heroes license, and is distributed by DC Comics mother company WArner Brothers. The animation is done by DLE, Shirogumi Inc., and Gonzo.

You can check out the teaser below and be as surprised as we were as to the film’s existence:

As for what it’s all about, DLE Inc. Provides the following synopsis:

Joker has come to Japan to steal the Eagle Talon Society’s secret weapons in his continued scheme for pure chaos. However, the Justice League is on his trail, but there’s something off with Batman. Now, it’s up to Eagle Talon to go find out what’s wrong with Batman, and that means going back in time to Bruce Wayne’s most traumatic experience, the murder of his parents. If that wasn’t enough to worry about, the Eagle Talon Society also have to keep their eyes on their production budget, especially with most of that money going toward the licensing fee for DC’s popular characters. Will the Eagle Talon Society and the Justice League be able to stop the Joker before their budget dries up, and they’re reduced to simple stick figures!?

DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon: The Movie is written, directed, and starred in by FROGMAN, and will be screening in Japanese theaters on October 21, 2017.

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