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DC Super Hero Girls Exclusive Interviews! New Episodes in May!

New Episodes of DC Super Hero Girls are coming to Cartoon Network, starting May 12, 2019, and to celebrate, ToonBarn has exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of the show, taken at WonderCon 2019!

From left: Lauren Faust (Executive Producer), Grey Griffin (WonderWoman), Kari Wahlgren (Zatanna), Nicole Sullivan (Supergirl), Kimberly Brooks (Bumblebee), Myrna Velasco (Jessica Cruz), Jenn Kluska (Supervising Producer), Valerio Ventura (Art Director)

Here is the schedule for new episodes of DC Super Hero Girls in May:

Sunday, May 12

4 p.m. (ET/PT) DC Super Hero Girls “#Beeline” When she stumbles across a villainous plot to blow up a bridge, Bumblebee shies from the challenge of taking on the baddies and reaches out to her friends.

Sunday, May 19

4 p.m. (ET/PT) DC Super Hero Girls “#SuperWho?” Overwhelmed by the amount of Superman coverage in Metropolis, Supergirl decides to get out there and really show the city what she can do.

Sunday, May 26

4 p.m. (ET/PT) DC Super Hero Girls “#ShockItToMe” Leslie Willis, the meanest girl in school, becomes a social media sensation by posting mean-spirited videos on her MetropoVids channel, causing Wonder Woman to question the moral integrity of the people who live in the World of Man.

Also, be prepared for the “DC Villain Girls” to make their debut. The voice actors portraying the “DC Villain Girls” are:

Cree Summer — Catwoman
Cristina Milizia — Poison Ivy
Kari Wahlgren — Star Sapphire
Tara Strong — Harley Quinn Mallory Low — Livewire
Grey Griffin — Giganta

Now, for the very special and exclusive interviews taken with the cast and crew of DC Super Hero Girls by ToonBarn’s Marc Morrell, at WonderCon 2019, including Grey Griffin (WonderWoman), Nicole Sullivan (Supergirl), Kari Wahlgren (Zatanna), Kimberly Brooks (Bumblebee), Myrna Velasco (Jessica Cruz), Lauren Faust (Executive Producer), Jenn Kluska (Supervising Producer), Valerio Ventura (Art Director):

Marc Morrell

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