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10 Interesting Facts About Disney Cartoons

Least Commercially Success Princesses


In terms of merchandise sales, the least popular princesses on Disney’s roster are the Asian and Native American princesses, Mulan and Pocahontas. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty beat both of them in terms of merchandising success even though she wasn’t even that active in her own movie (she only had 18 minutes of screen time and 18 whole lines.)

Mickey Mouse’s White Gloves

Mickey-MouseWalt Disney originally thought that showing actual mouse nails is too disturbing for children, so he designed Mickey Mouse as always wearing a pair of white gloves. It’s possible that many cartoon characters since then have copied the approach or use gloves for the same reason.

We Believe in Tim Burton

alice in wonderland

Very few films based on Alice in Wonderland performed well at the box office and Disney’s first Alice in Wonderland animated movie (1951) was no different. The property was only redeemed in 2010 when Tim Burton’s live action/CG hybrid adaptation broke box office records, even though the director admitted that he didn’t “feel any emotional connection” with the lead character.

Too Goofy for Walt


It is said that Walt Disney himself did not like the Goofy cartoons, and only continued producing the series in order to provide more work for his animators. Nobody knows if, like us, Walt found it weird that Goofy is essentially the same animal as Mickey’s pet, Pluto.

Mushu’s Real Size Will Scare Your Cow to Death


Mushu was originally going to be portrayed as a giant dragon, but Disney was reluctant on having a sidekick that might be too scary for young children (and we imagine it could also pose storytelling issues, as most of Mulan’s problems could be solved easily by a giant firebreathing sidekick.) Thankfully, Chinese mythology allowed for small dragons. Mushu himself references this design change in the film with the line “I’m travel size for your convenience! If I was my real size your cow here would die of fright.”

Straight from the Heart


The voice behind the Winnie the Pooh character Tigger, Paul Winchell, was also the man who designed the first artificial heart.

360 Watermelon + FS Vineslide + Jungle Kickflip

ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Disney animators studied Pro Skater Tony Hawk’s technique and used it as a pattern for Tarzan’s moves while swinging on vines in the jungle. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the iconic scenes in which the character slid down three branches in the same way Tony Hawk would on a skateboard.

I Am Quasimodo’s Complete Lack of Surprise


The directors of The Hunchback of Notre Dame believe that one valid interpretation of the gargoyles in the movie is that they are only figments of Quasimodo’s subconscious, serving as fragments of his own identity.

All Righty, Then.


Captain Hook was originally depicted in plays as having his hook on the right hand, but Disney changed it to be a left hook because they were worried that losing a right hand would restrict the character’s movements too much (because their animators have never seen a left-handed person before?)

That’s All, Folks!


Mel Blanc, the man behind Bugs Bunny and other iconic Warner Bros. characters, filled in as Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when the original voice actor, Eddie Collins, passed away. However, he was only able to provide vocal effects because Dopey doesn’t talk.

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Sources: IMDB, various factoids being passed around on the Internet.

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