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Batman 3, The Dark Knight suits up again

Batman 3, The Dark Knight suits up again

What?! There’s going to be a third Batman film, to follow up after The Dark Knight?? OK, OK, I know. It’s not exactly blockbuster information to think there will be a Batman 3 in theaters after the first two amazingly successful films. Everyone knew it was coming, but this past week is the first time it was confirmed people were working on it. When we learned there was development on the Superman movie franchise, we got details that director Christopher Nolan was hard at work on (Dark Knight 2?) Batman 3. Great news for fans superhero films; Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern… whether it’s Warner Bros.’ DC Comics or Disney’s Marvel Comics, the film list continues to grow, making comic book fans happy. Who is your favorite?

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