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In the continuing story of the Animation Wage Scandal, Pixar Wins Big.

In a massive set back to the case from the plaintiffs, a Judge Ruled that Pixar’s Emails to a former lawyer does not conclude that there was a scheme to hinder wages to workers. The Hollywood Reporter continues:

On Wednesday, Grewal wrote in an order that the DOJ’s conclusions were “never admitted or established” and are “irrelevant for purposes of establishing whether the crime-fraud exception applies.”

But even better for Disney’s Pixar, Grewal adds, “Critically, nothing in the documents reviewed moves Plaintiffs closer to the goal line. Put another way, these documents do not establish a Section 1 violation by a preponderance of the evidence any more than the materials previously considered. This does not mean that Plaintiffs are out of luck on the underlying claim — that is a question for a finder of fact on a complete record. It does mean that, on the record assembled and presented to the undersigned, Plaintiffs have not persuaded the undersigned that a per se violation is more likely than not.”

Pixar won’t have to turn over these documents.

This hurts the future of the cases going forward. Now its not a slam dunk for the plaintiffs. It is only about several weeks before Judge Koh will make a decision on the evidence that is allowed.  We will have more on this case, as it develops.

Source: THR

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