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Disney XD renews Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, sets debut for Spider-Man

The Marvel Animation panel at D23 revealed some cools news about the latest caped cartoons headed to Disney XD. The brand new Spidey series, dubbed Marvel’s Spider-Man, got its premier date and voice cast. We also learned that the network has given the go-ahead to season 3 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and that’s there’s going to a LEGO Guardians TV special.

Just in time to capitalize on the summer blockbuster success of Homecoming, the new Spider-Man series will have a one-hour debut on Disney XD on August 19th at 7AM EST. It’ll also be available on the Disney XD app and video-on-demand bright and early at 12:01AM. The series sees Peter Parker try to juggle being a superhero while going to Horizon High, a high school for brilliant young scientific minds. It’s not an easy task keeping your grades up while you have battle super villains and keep your best friend from becoming one of them.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will star Robbie Daymond as Peter Parker. Max Mittelman plays Harry Osborn. The rest of the cast consists of Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales, Melanie Minichino as Anya Corazon, Fred Tatasciore as Max Modell, Laura Bailey as Gwen Stacy, Nancy Linari as Aunt May, Patton Oswalt as Uncle Ben, Scott Menville as Doc Ock, John DiMaggio as The Jackal, Alastair Duncan as Vulture. Even Marvel’s chief creative officer Joe Quesada, who is also executive producing the series, gets a cameo as the coffee shop owner Joe. You can read more about the production side of the series in our earlier coverage.

Late last month, Marvel began streaming a short to promote the series:

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is coming back with a third season called Mission Breakout! – which just so happens to the name of a recently opened ride at Disney California Adventue. “The third season will find the Guardians gaining fame and fortune, but quickly knocked back on their heels after being framed by the Collector. The Guardians will travel to new universes, stage a massive sting operation inside the Nova Corps, and expose a Secret Invasion years in the making. A little bad and a little good – all in a day’s work,” says the press release. No word yet on when the show will return to Disney XD.

That’s not all the Guardians news. Marvel and LEGO have partnered up to produce LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Guardians of the Galaxy: The Thanos Threat, a brand new 22-minute special. The release window and distribution platform weren’t shared, but a summary was: “When Thanos, Ronan, Nebula and the Ravagers seek to possess the Build Stone – a powerful and creative relic – the fate of the universe depends on the Guardians of the Galaxy to protect it. The platform and release timing details are forthcoming.”

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