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Disney/Pixar’s Brave Released on DVD/Blu Ray

Disney/Pixar’s Brave Released on DVD/Blu Ray

Disney fans who were waiting for a new kick-butt Disney princess that can do so much more than just wait for a Prince Charming to come and save the day were placated by Pixar last June with the release of Brave, which tells the story of a bond between a fiery little princess from the Highlands of Scotland, her need to prove herself, and her bond with her mother. No fancy balls, no prince charming, no glass slippers. There’s a witch and a curse, though. As well as an ancient, evil bear spirit-something.

Now, people who missed the movie first time around, or want to own it on home video will be glad to know that Disney/Pixar have just released Brave last November 13, 2012 as a 5 disc Ultimate collector’s Edition Blu Ray, a 3 Disc Collector’s edition Blu Ray, and as a 1 Disc DVD. Besides an HD version of the movie that you can play anytime and anywhere you want (provided that you have a Blu Ray player), the DVD set will also contain the home video debut of “La Luna”, which was the animated short that accompanied Brave in the theaters, and “The Legend of Mor’du”.

Here are some preview clips from the Brave home video collection:

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