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Disney’s Big Hero 6 Gets Anime Short

The Japanese release of Disney’s Big Hero 6 is notable becomes it comes with a music video from Japanese entertainer Takefumi Kurashina, who is known for his flipbook style anime shorts. It is in this style that the Big Hero 6 short is done – in black and white handrawn art, showing the bond between the two brothers and the literal and figurative healing that Hiro received from Baymax.

Check out Takefumi Kurashina’s Big Hero 6 short below:


Neil Raymundo

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  1. Adam Adam

    that’s not anime.. it’s a poorly animated cartoon.. not anime

  2. Neil Raymundo Neil Raymundo

    Yeah, sorry if the term is not that applicable 🙂 I’m just going by the terms used by the source of the news. I don’t have any problems calling it anime, since it is an official animated short created by a Japanese animator.

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