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Disney’s Day & Night short before Pixar’s Toy Story 3

Disney's Day & Night short before Pixar's Toy Story 3

Pixar is not only world famous for it’s amazing CG feature length films, they’re also well regarded for their powerful animated shorts; brief, several-minute toons that can stand on their own at festivals, or, more recently, quick specials that appear before the longer movies. Through the Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Up, and Wall-E, we’ve seen shorts like Presto, For the Birds, Geri’s Game, and more. Disney’s Toy Story 3 debuted a few weeks ago with a brand new short running just before it; Day & Night. The animation features two characters, Day and Night, that act out what their names refer to. For example, Day has a bright sun within him, where as Night has a cool moon. Day is a rainbow; Night is fireworks. Make sense? …not so much? Well check out this “making of” clip, then go see it in theaters with Toy Story!


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