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DreamWorks Animation reviving Lidsville in CG

DreamWorks Animation reviving Lidsville in CG

DreamWorks Animation has made enormous strides in the world of CG animation, rivaling Disney’s Pixar for top spot in the world of cinematic cartoons. Along the way, they’ve tackled a number of subjects, including ogres, zoo animals, monsters, and aliens. So what’s up next for the studio powerhouse? How about the 1970, live-action, Saturday morning adventure about a magical hat? …seriously! The original show was called Lidsville, a Sid & Marty Krofft series (just like Land of the Lost, remade recently with Will Ferrell) that ran for three seasons. Now, Conrad Vernon (who also provided the Gingerbread Man’s voice from Shrek), Alex Schwartz, and Chris Kuser will recreate the concept in CG and 3D for today’s audience.

Here’s the intro of the original Lidsville series, which ran on ABC from 1971-1973, starring Charles Nelson Reilly, Butch Patrick, and Billie Hayes.

And yes, it’s pretty scary.

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