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Fanimation: John Banana celebrates The Rocketeer 20th anniversary

Fanimation: John Banana celebrates The Rocketeer 20th anniversary

Fanimation: John Banana celebrates The Rocketeer 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago, Disney brought a classic super hero to the live action big screen: The Rocketeer. Set in the Indiana Jones-friendly WWII era, the Rocketeer was a regular, non super-powered man with two advantages: a rocket jet pack strapped to his back, and an unparalleled amount of bravery to have a rocket jet pack strapped to his back! The result was a flying man, whose helmet (that allowed him to steer) helped give him a very retro Iron Man look. Marvel’s Tony Stark would be proud! Though the film was live action, John Banana decided to take the adventure in a new direction – perfectly suited for CG animation. This fan created animation (aka “Fanimation”) is an astonishing, Pixar-like piece that perfectly immortalizes the Disney icon, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film.

[Source: John Banana]

The Rocketeer kid

The Rocketeer Cast

John Banana Rocketeer

The Rocketeer CG


John Banana Rocketeer Fanimation

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